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Welcome to the Swamp Region! Equal mixes of beautiful and spooky, the Swamp Region is home to many interesting Quirlicorns! Whether you would like to make connections on your journey, or find a place to call home, take some time to joke with Keir and experience all the swamp has to offer!

The Swamp Region presents gorgeous views, and unsuspected dangers. Land is not often as solid as it seems, and water dominants it. It's often a good idea to take a boat instead of walking, and if you plan on staying, to build a house on stilts to keep it out of the water. Be wary, the landscape can change from day to day. The water can push moss and debris deposits into different areas, and what was once a path yesterday may not be today. It is theorized the changing nature of the swamp is not entirely natural, and may in fact have something to do with the nature of it being Keir’s domain. 
The Swamp Region shares borders with 3 other regions. The land along the border varies according to region.

Windy Border: As you get closer to the border with the Windy Region, things seem a bit less wet. The heart of the swamp gives way to a bog, but eventually the elevation begins to rise into rocky hillsides with large stone monuments. 

Plains Border: Approaching the Plains region, the swamp gives way to open marshland, which eventually fades into more solid grounding. The lush marsh blends well with the edge of the plains, so sometimes you only know you pass over when you are no longer suffering wet hooves. 

Mountains Border: The gorgeous sparkling bayous and cypress swamps begin to gain more solid ground, shifting to higher elevations and forested hills. The green mountains spread out before you, offering both a dry place to sleep and a breath of that fresh mountain air. 

What can be found in this Forum: 
  • Character Connections: Looking for your character to make friends, find a significant other, or maybe even an enemy? 
  • Art Share: Have visual art or literature taking place in the Swamp Region?  Share it with us here!
  • Looking for a Home: Looking for a place to rest your head, but not up to the rigors of taking care of your own land? Perhaps one of the residents of the Swamp Region can help! 
  • Worldbuilding: Have some land in the Swamp Region, but not quite sure what to do with it? Let’s toss some ideas around!  
  • Alliances: Want to make a story alliance with another Quirlicorn, or even another Land in the Swamp Region? 
  • Keir: While Keir is normally heard and not seen, you might be able to convince him to pull a trick on you! Whether you will like it is still up for debate. 
  • Anything Swamp Related! 

What is not allowed in this Forum: 
  • Discussion unrelated to the Swamp Region.
  • Anything outside of our Community Guidelines (insert link to community guidelines post)

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