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Swamp Region Deity List

Greater Deity of the Swamp Region

@Keir is quite Jovial but in the darkest sense of the word. The Swamp Deity can be usually heard but not seen in his mire, as he uses the shadows to travel most of the time. His signature deep, haunting cackle can be heard echoing through the trees to announce his presence. That’s the only warning you get before he has his way with the poor souls who aren’t familiar with his territory, before pulling up beasts from the water or tress, shifting into a monster to really terrify his victim or even dragging them into the swamp. He will also sometimes loop you through the same stretch of forest for hours to watch you struggle to come to terms with it. His worshipers know to not rely on an immediate response from the lord of darkness, but you’ll be very aware when he finally comes to you. He will usually reveal himself in the night, clacking his skull with laughter before speaking in his deep, echoing voice, usually silencing the chorus of insects and creatures around him. Blessings and Curses are hard to tell apart with this one, as both are going to benefit and hinder you pretty equally.

Lesser Deities of the Swamp Region


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