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Cursed Fish Tea - Ketamine / Aconitum

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Several days after the Teleportation device malfunction, and after Aconitum and Ketamine got their heads back on straight (found a way to get their heads put back on the right bodies), they met up again to attempt their next quest. 

“This one might be challenging.” Aconitum looked over at Ketamine who had been mindlessly counting trees they were passing.  He stopped to focus on his new friend.
“Why’s that?” Ketamine leaned in towards the purple mare as if she had the answers written down on her person somewhere. 
Aconitum shrugged back at his gesture and narrowly avoided a collision of the two. 
Behind them the rabbit and goat were giggling to each other over the sight.  
Aconitum composed herself before answering.
“Well, this next one is drinking Fish Tea.”  There was a brief moment of silence before she continued “...with Keir.” That last part, almost a whisper.  
Ketamine stopped dead in his tracks, a giant shit eating grin plastered on his face.
“You mean we’re going to see Keir?” Ketamine was absolutely glowing with excitement.
“I still haven’t had a chance to ride on his tail, I wonder if he will let me if I drink that stupid tea with him?”  The pink deity became thoughtful and for the next few minutes all you could hear out of him were random grumbles.  It seemed as though he was trying to work out the logistics of riding Keir's tail, as if it would really happen. 
Or perhaps he was actually putting some thought into how best to persuade the Swamp deity to indulge in his ridiculous request.  

“Does he really think he’ll get to ride a full fledged Deities tail?”  “What, is this guy stupid or something?”  The white rabbit had a lot of criticisms about Ketamine.  It was clear to him that this guy wasn’t living in reality like the rest of them. 
Beside him Mr Goat whispered “Just indulge him, this way he’s too distracted to put me in harm's way again.”
The new friends exchanged a knowing glance before proceeding on their path, letting the previous subject die behind them.  

Together the four of them traveled from the Mountain region deep into the Swamp region in search of Keir. 
“Would it have been easier to just take a boat?”  “This path is taking forever.” Aconitum, who wasn’t all that familiar with the Swamp region expressed her concerns openly. 
“We usually go this way even though it’s longer.”  “Taking a boat means going through some very swampy areas, the mosquitos tend to be the size of your head and their bites are really unpleasant.”  “This way we can hopefully avoid most of those giant bastards.” Ketamine was well versed in the ways of the Swamp region, but that was no surprise since this is where he had made his first home before he leveled up to unlock the Astral Region. 
“It will take a little bit longer to reach our destination, but the pros by far outweigh the cons, I promise.”  The lesser Deity assured his friends that they were taking the correct route and it wasn’t something senseless which determined the need to go this specific way.  
Aconitum felt like she was in good hands with Ketamine leading the way.  It was odd to her because usually he’s not very reliable, nor does he seem to put much thought into how his actions will affect others.  
“We should probably camp out for the night, once the sun sets, I’d hate for your bunny to become someone's midnight snack if we keep traveling.” Ketamine said matter of factly. 
The white rabbit was not amused at all by his nonchalance and let out a huff while crossing his arms and turning his back to that jerk of an equine.  
“Don’t pout Rabbit, he clearly is actually looking out for you, clumsy as it may be.” Aconitum gently wrapped her tail around her familiar in an attempt to comfort him.  
“I would never let anyone eat you!”
The rabbit snuggled into his partner's fluffy tail.  He seemed a lot more child-like than he had so far during their travels, but maybe that’s just what he needed to help himself feel safe.
Prey animals don't usually take it too well when it’s brought up that predators are out there ready to gobble them up.  
While Aconitum and her bunny were coming to terms with the grim truth of being out late at night, Ketamine and the goat got a campsite set up, all that was left was to get the campfire started.
“Ketamine, when you use your magic, please use it in moderation.”  “You don’t always have to try to be flashy.”  Mr goat paused and then lowered his voice “And besides, we probably don’t want to draw any extra attention to ourselves either.” 
“Alright, alright.”  “Nothing flashy, just a simple little fire.” Ketamine chuckled but then used his magic very gently to start a fire in the calmest way possible.  

Everyone settled in for the night.  Rabbit stayed snuggly nestled into Aconitum's tail, which she had wrapped around him to create a nice warm nest.  Mr Goat was resting up against her side, also helping to watch over his new rabbit friend, while Ketamine tended to the fire just a few feet from them. 
“Don’t worry about a thing guys, just get some rest, I’ll keep watch until morning to ensure everyone’s safety.”  
And with that the other three drifted off into a lovely slumber.  Ketamine did as he promised and ensured nothing would cause them harm while they slept.  

As morning broke, Ketamine was busy preparing breakfast as Aconitum woke up.  Mr Goat and the rabbit were still sound asleep.  
“How far is it from here to Keir’s place?” she asked quietly, as to not wake the others.
Ketamine shoved some food under her nose before turning back to the food he had been making.
“It’s not far, maybe an hour or so west of here.”  “Now eat up, we’re going to see Keir today.” 
Once Mr Goat and Rabbit woke up Ketamine shared food with them as well. 
Tummies filled, they packed up their campsite before heading to Keirs. 

“Hey Keir, we’re here for some fish tea, and a tail ride!” Once they made it to Keirs land Ketamine was excitedly shouting for Keir. 
“He’s such a kid.” Aconitum shook her head and sighed.  

In the distance a cackle could be heard.  Ketamine perked up, his ears immediately swiveling towards the cackles.  The lesser deity was now wearing a smile that reached from ear to ear.  He started racing towards the sound, using his star-filled tail to wrap around Aconitum's leg, dragging her along with him. 
Poor Aconitum almost ate dirt as her leg first got pulled out from under her.  Thankfully she caught herself just in time to be swept up in Ketamine’s excitement.
Behind them Mr Goat and the white rabbit struggled to keep up.  

After a few minutes it became clear that Keir was playing with them.  Cackles could be heard, Ketamine would get excited and follow the sound, only for the sound to change direction as they started getting close.  This went on for an undetermined amount of time and everyone but Ketamine was winded and utterly exhausted by this little game the Deity was playing. 
Aconitum and the familiars came to a stop, breathing heavily, trying to catch their breaths before finally just sitting down for a moment. 

“Come on, we gotta catch him.” Ketamine had a tone of urgency, though it wasn’t going to sway the others who were just done.
“This is why it was important to rest last night and get a good meal in you this morning. Come now and keep up.” Ketamine explained. 
His companions however refused to budge.  It seemed they didn’t even have the energy to keep chasing ghosts, even if they wanted to.  

Just as it was clear they wouldn’t be continuing to pursue Keir, he stepped out from behind some trees.
“What are you here for?” The deity aimed his question at Aconitum. 
Ketamine opened his mouth to reply but before he could make a sound Keir was already speaking.
“I don’t need to hear from you, you never bring anything but headaches my way.” “I’d like to hear from the mare why you all have come to find me.” 
Keir peered at the purple mare, clacking his skull in anticipation.  

“We, uhm..” The words had escaped her, she was completely caught off guard by this Deity.  “I apologize Keir, I’ll answer, please just let me collect my thoughts for a moment.” 
The large Deity gave the mare a little space so she could father her thoughts.  
Meanwhile Ketamine looked like he was about to drool, staring at Keir's fantastic gator-like tail. 
Keir knew what that idiot was thinking and used his tail to whip him in the face.
There was a loud smack and Ketamine had been hit so hard it knocked him off his feet. 
“Quit thinking about it!”  Keir snarled, making Ketamine shrink back.  
Now that the idiot was put in his place, Keir once more turned his attention on the purple mare before him.  The way he looked at her oozed that his patience was wearing thin and it was time to explain things. 
Aconitum swallowed hard before speaking. “Well, we’re here to do Swamp Region Quests.”  sweat beads were forming on her brow. “Our next quest is to drink Fish Tea with you.”  Aconitum turned away out of fear of hearing the Deities' response.  

“Fish Tea?” Keir sounded utterly offended. “Drink?!?”  “With ME?!!?” Keir began to laugh, his skull klacking loudly as he turned from them and started walking away. 
Before he disappeared into the fog he said something that the others couldn't quite hear.  Within moments it became painfully clear what it was he’d said though. 
Slimy swamp monsters were coming at them from every nook and cranny. 
This Quest was clearly a bust, so the for of them got back to their feet and hauled ass out of Keir’s territory.  

“I guess that didn’t go as well as planned.”  “I really hoped today was the day I’d get to ride that amazing tail.”  Ketamine was smiling
“Did you see him whip me with it?”  “How amazing was that!?” 
Aconitum and the others already knew they’d be hearing all about Keir’s tail for the rest of their trip.  Ketamine really wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed sometimes.  
None the less, everyone had earned some new appreciation for him during this quest.  After all, he did ensure their safety and try really hard to have them all prepared.  A Jerk he may be, but there is definitely some goodness underneath it all. 

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