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Keir Offline

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I guess I should show up to this party too before time runs out.  For the holiday season I am offering up 1 Artifact to each member who can show me their favorite skull faced Quirlicorn. 
It seems skulls don't get nearly as much appreciation as they should.  

You have until December 25th to comment below with your favorited skull faced Quirlicorns.  

[Image: giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e47jmgmginv4qrpjjr81i...y.gif&ct=g]

Cackling in the distance


Aedrielle Offline

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Ghost Ship is my absolute favorite! But there are a lot of other great skull faced children <3

[Image: 43946337_3JMdherxG8QKHQs.gif]


AshTheDreamer Offline

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My favorites are:

Hocus Pocus, Haywire, Rabid, and Bedtime Stories!!!!


QueenSunshineMonster Offline

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Too may pretty skull-faced quirlicorns to pick from...! But...

Hyperion is amazing
Haywire, can't forget him
Epaphroditos, also amazing

[Image: JkUuIJw.png]
"Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ"

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Bay-Blade Offline

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The secret is that I love all skull children. They all are awesome and add their own flair.

Besides my very own Haywire and Aberath, I have to say that I adore @Midnitella 's Lich and @DozingBear 's Loki. Both are such fun unforgettable characters. While Lich doesn't pop up that much. There's no denying that anyone can spot him and fall in love. With Loki, it's undeniable the people he has touched. He has gone through so much character growth and grown to be quite the memorable Quirl.

[Image: 58398778_L6HfA1CZYvTY7XY.png]


Belldejour Offline

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DozingBear's Loki is the first skull-faced quirl I had seen and definitely my favorite!


illumipyre Offline

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DozingBear's Loki is awesome, as is QueenSunshineMonster's Nescio.

shall we dance?


LovellaTorendo Offline

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497 Bedtime Story (and the foal I have from her, but that doesn't count yet as it is not designed)

OOO... also Epaphroditos, I get so distracted by his plant friend that I forget he has other defining features!

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Humble-3 Offline

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@DozingBear 's Loki is absolutely iconic! Such an intricate and beautiful design! I believe I've also run into @Bay-Blade 's Absinthe Onyx earlier this year. Solid design as well 10/10 Big Grin

Hoping to meet more skull-faced quirlicorns in the year to come!

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Leliana Offline

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achoo Will always be my favorite skullboy. For having a skull-face, he was always quite expressive. I loved watching all the hijinks that he got up and miss seeing the little guy running around.

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