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[Image: 1007_by_quirlicornadmin_dew6s43-fullview...l477lx4i3c]

Owner: Quirlicorns

ID: 1007
Name: King
Gender: Mare
Breed: Ancient Quirlicorn
Color: Ancient Twice Blessed Polar with Chimera
Genos: [EE aa] WW BlsBls PoPo
Region: All Regions
Follower of @Haukea

Personality: King is a no nonsense type of mare.  She can be quite egotistical towards anyone she deems below her rank.  Her name is a fitting representation of how she interacts with others.  She can be demanding, sometimes even unreasonable with those demands, however she feels she is working in everyones best interest.  You may earn her favor by showing your loyalty to her.  If you are ever in a pinch, her kingly attitude can easily get you out of a sticky situation. 
King collects valuable jewels and has an impressive collection.  If you win her favor she may show it to you one day. 

Dews & Tokens: 

1st Magic:
2nd Magic:
3rd Magic:
Astral Magic:
Regional Magic:
Group Horse Magic: Aura Reading, Chrysopoeia, Magnetism, Cyclone Generation, Sound Manipulation
Other Magic: Skill Proficiency

Small Familiar:
Large Familiar:

Land Owned:

Monthly Incentive: December 2021

Lineage: Starter

Breeding Slots:

1. @DozingBear || 2263
2. @Gr8ves
3. @Gr8ves
4. @Aedrielle
5. @LovellaTorendo

Slots Added Via Cupid's Arrows
1. @LovellaTorendo 966 - 2338
2. @QueenSunshineMonster 1979 - || 2264
3. @DozingBear 904 - 2359 + 2360
4. @LovellaTorendo from 552

Breed © Astralseed
Design © Astralseed

[Image: yd2rufct]
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