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Damien Offline

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Sorry dear Quirl members, Achoo still beats em all!
I hope to see new art or animations of him again. He is blessed!!!!!


Astralseed Offline

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I'm entirely biased towards Goatse and Ghost Ship of course, but I also love Achoo, Haywire, Lich, and all of the skull faced Quirlicorns <3

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Beep Beep, comin' through!


DozingBear Offline

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Out of my own quirls, I definitely love Loki but from other people, Achoo and Haywire are hands down the quirls that come to mind when you bring up skull-faced quirlicorns !

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men....


Techno Offline

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Ausrune because I hear about him constantly


Gr8ves Offline

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Literally my favorite is Goatse….. and will always be goatse.

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