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January Joust Pas d'Armes

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Astralseed Offline

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Welcome to this months Joust Pas d'Armes Sign up thread!

To sign up for this months Joust Pas d'Armes, please comment below with the following information:
  • Entering with Quirlicorn:  (please include a link to your Quirlicorns log)
  • Magic unlocked:  
  • Other tidbits: (any other information you feel is important for your partner to know about) 
  • Guardian:  (Guardian must belong to your entered Quirlicorn and have the Joust Reward blessing, you will not qualify for the blessing if you don't include your Guardian in your own piece, your partner does not need to include your guardian as it wont affect the blessing one way or another)

       Deadline Reminders:
  • Sign up Deadline: January 5th, 11:59PM CST
  • Early Entry Deadline: January 18th, 11:59PM CST
  • Submission Deadline: January 31st, 11:59PM CST 
Happy Jousting!

[Image: yd2rufct]
Beep Beep, comin' through!

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xxGaea Offline

Posts: 235
Threads: 173
Joined: Oct 2021
Reputation: 0
DA Account: xxGaea
Points: 5,009.24€
Entering with Quirlicorn: 951 Síofra
Magic unlocked: all Mountain Region
Other tidbits: He is rather full of himself, and like to play up the mysticism

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Gr8ves Online

Team Daddy
Posts: 537
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Joined: Jul 2020
Reputation: 4
DA Account: Gr8ves
All Accounts Posts: 543

Points: 9,092.38€
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Quirlicorn Entering: 753 - Shaakir
Magic Unlocked: 
Swamp Region Magics:
 Plains Region Magics: 
FertilityPlant MagicHealingEnduranceTerrakinesisAbacomancyChrysopoeiaSeismokinesisGolem SummoningMagnetismNecromancy
 Event Magics:
Chaos Golem, Bottle of Rum, Song of Cleansing, Augmentation, Phasing, Chaotic Influence, Fire Mimicry, Shield, Plains Region
Other Magic:
Plasma Manipulation, Teleportation, Hydrokinesis, Regional Transformation, Golden Goose, Gem Growth

Other Tidbits: He has a Coyote familiar..... haha ; D Jk, uhm, he likes to teach, he's quiet, and is extremely relieved to not be jousting a deity.... 

[Image: xNagl.gif][Image: c6fCh.gif]

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Belldejour Offline

Senior Member
Posts: 268
Threads: 189
Joined: Aug 2020
Reputation: 0
DA Account: Belldejour
Points: 5,587.06€
Entering with quirlicorn: Poecilia 2170

Magic unlocked: Hydrokinesis, Sound Manipulation, Invisibility, Piper (artifact), illusion magic.

Other tidbits: Poecilia is very friendly, curious and excitable. She loves interacting with new quirlicorns and having fun!

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kiinaikit Offline

Team Daddy
Posts: 204
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Joined: Jul 2020
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DA Account: kiinaikit
Points: 4,591.87€
Will be attempting to enter all JPd'A's this year... COME ON DEBSSS!

Entering with Quirlicorn: Debs!
Magic Unlocked: Invisibility, Cryokinesis, Gem Growth, Anti Zombie
Other: ***I would really prefer not to have Debs written by anybody else, please***
Uses Invisibility when scared, Cryokinesis and Gem Growth to mend and make pretty things, hasn't used her Anti Zombie powers at all yet. Debs prefers to use her magics when problem-solving, but takes a more physical approach to jousting - probably her markhor blood haha - that said, Debs would rather go for a run and talk about jousting and magic with her partner than actually rough and tumble, as that could potentially end up hurting someone. Has more recently started to use her Cryokinesis to create small blades of ice in her mane when she feels threatened.
Debs has a familiar that she's trying to bond with, Murow, not at all essential to include him, very optional!
Personality wise; Debs is friendly and kind, curious and brave. She loves to share experiences and stories with others. Instantly fond of those who share genetics with her - markhors and glitters; she sees them as being kindred xD She's the sort of personality that would go; "You've got the same surname as me! WE MUST BE RELATED!!". Tries to be serious most of the time, but also enjoys being a big-kid and having a laugh too ^^
Guardian: None!

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DozingBear Offline

Senior Member
Posts: 273
Threads: 147
Joined: Jun 2020
Reputation: 0
DA Account: DozingBear
All Accounts Posts: 277

Points: 5,512.67€
1 Attached Account
Entering with Quirlicorn: 633 Loki

Magic unlocked: Mediumship, Golem Summoning, Zoolingualism, Wormhole Manipulation, Swamp Minor Mastery; Swamp Mastery, Fire Mimicry, Glitched, Chaos Golem, Anti-Zombie, Illusion 

Other tidbits: 
  • Personality: Loki loves games and playing tricks, and while those tricks can sometimes get a little carried away he would never intentionally hurt anyone. Currently identifies as male. 
  • *Familiars: Gandy (smoll) | FenFen (big boi) 
  • *Other Forms: Regional Form | Astral Form not yet designed 
  • *I am perfectly okay with it if you want to do a written entry instead of a visual entry! 

*these things aren't required to be included at all, only adding them here so no one has to go digging for links if they want to know <3

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men....

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Astralseed Offline

Posts: 1,494
Threads: 338
Joined: Jun 2020
Reputation: 3
All Accounts Posts: 1,623

Points: 26,121.99€
11 Attached Accounts
  • Entering with Quirlicorn:  422 - ASS Ketamine

  • Magic unlocked:  
    • Puppet Mastery
    • Magic Eater
    • Venom
    • Lightning Manipulation
    • Crysopoeia
    • Chaotic Influence
    • Shadow Manipulation
    • Echolocation
    • Body Swap
    • Invisibility
    • Pyrokinesis
    • Light Generation
    • Fire Breathing
    • Mirage Manipulation
    • Fire Immunity
    • Thermokinesis
    • Combustion Manipulation
    • Hellfire Manipulation
    • Energy Manipulation
    • Geo-Thermokinesis
    • Plasma Manipulation
    • Anti Zombie

[Image: yd2rufct]
Beep Beep, comin' through!

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Damien Offline

Posts: 239
Threads: 119
Joined: Jun 2020
Reputation: 0
DA Account: DamienMuerte
Points: 5,246.64€
Entering with Quirlicorn: 238 Ghost
Magic unlocked:  Cryokinesis

I have not really decided on his story and character yet, so I would not like literature with him, sorry ^^;;

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Aedrielle Online

Team Daddy
Posts: 2,594
Threads: 901
Joined: Jun 2020
Reputation: 4
DA Account: Aedrielle
All Accounts Posts: 2,607

Points: 47,110.47€
1 Attached Account
Entering with Quirlicorn:  1785 Khaalida
Magic unlocked:
- Wormhole Manipulation
- Energy Manipulation
- Weather Manipulation
- Chaotic Influence
- Fertility
- Plant Magic
- Endurance
- Healing
- Terrakinesis
- Abacomancy 
- Dream Projection/Reading
- Clairvoyance
- Telepathy
- Mediumship
- Empathy
- Aura Reading
- Telekinesis
- Projection
- Illusion
- Teleportation
- Divination
- Copycat
- Shield
- Mirage Manipulation
- Fire Mimicry
- Glitched
- Regional Transformation
- Chaos Golem
- Anti-Zombie
- Gem Growth

Other tidbits: Black Cat familiar
Guardian:  C129 Silverwing - Joust Bonus

[Image: 43946337_3JMdherxG8QKHQs.gif]

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SuziLeah Offline

Posts: 63
Threads: 14
Joined: Jun 2020
Reputation: 0
DA Account: SuziLeah
Points: 1,040.4€
Entering with 802 Rudolph
Magic unlocked:
Cryokinesis (lvl3)
Gem Growth
(Undesigned white wolf)

Rudolph has his red nose!
Design Update has not been approved yet (just sent it in today)

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