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"Where does this go?" A Guide

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Hello there, and welcome to our "Where does this go" guide!

Below you will find each section on the forum, and listed with it what goes in each area.

Quirlicorn Creation Center
The Quirlicorn Creation Center deals with everything related to getting and creating new Quirlicorns. 

Breeding - This is where you submit breedings, to get a foal from two existing Quirlicorns. To find out more about breeding, check out This Tutorial.
Importing and Customs - This is where you can get a new Quirlicorn with no lineage! In this forum you can 
- Purchase a Quirlicorn to design yourself (Tutorial)
- Import an Existing Character as a Quirlicorn (Tutorial)
- Purchase Dews
- Cash out a Custom from the bank
- Roll Mystery Box Customs
Find out more about customs and importing Here.
Group Horse Happenings - This is where you can adopt an existing Group Horse that has retired, or submit designs that have the potential to become Group Horses! Find our current Group Horses Here.
Design Nexus - This is where you submit any and all designs or design updates for your Quirlicorns! Here you can submit your designs for approval to become Quirlicorns, as well as design updates.  Design Tutorial
Stray Relocation Center - This is where you can adopt an existing Quirlicorn or get a geno to design yourself! Check out the Stray Center to see designs or genos available!
Guardian Registration - This is where you register Guardians for your Quirlicorns! Read more about Guardians here.
Phoenix Touch - This is where you can change your Quirlicorn! Read more about Phoenix Touch Here.

Most of what you find in Logs pertaining to individual Quirlicorns. Official Starter LogsImported Character LogsOfficial Foal Design Logs all contain the logs of registered Quirlicorns on the site. 
Official Log Update Requests - This is where you can send in for update requests for your characters. You can update breeding slots, add personalities, and add reference images.
Registration/Conversion - This is mainly important for those who still have Quirlicorns who are not on the site. This forum is where you can convert your Quirlicorn from dA to the Quirlicorn website!

Chime Central
Chime Checks and Unlocks - This is where you can level up your Quirlicorn! Submit your Chime Checks here to unlock magic, genes, regional forms and more! Read more about Chimes here
Chime Trackers - Feel free to post your tracker in this forum!

Quirlicorn Banking
Dew and Booty Box Rolling - This forum is where you can roll Dews, Regional Blossoms, and Booty Boxes. Read more about items Here.
Transfers - This forum is where you can transfer items, genos, or Quirlicorns to other members. In Game currency cannot be transferred to other members. 
Bank Inquiries - This is where you can get questions or concerns about your bank answered.
Artifact Central - This is where your Quirlicorns can craft Artifacts to get new magics! Read more about Artifacts Here.
Cha Ching! Cash in Select Bank Items - This is where you can cash out Spirals, Nova's, or Cookies here! You can also select items of choice in this forum as well. 
Item Application - In this forum you can apply Dews, Tokens, Chimes, or Magic from your bank to your Quirlicorns here!
Guardians - This is where you can conjure Guardians for your Quirlicorn! 

Ongoing Events
This area has the current events happening in the forums! 
Joust Pas d'Armes - Joust Pas d'Armes is a monthly joust similar to an art trade. Read more about it here
Deity Quests - Deity Quests allow your Quirlicorn to get land! You can claim land and start quests here! Read more about Deity Quests Here.
Quirlicorn Joust - This is where you can do weekly jousts for your Quirlicorn. Each month has a new prompt! Read more about it Here.
Official Quirlicorn Events - This forum has our official events through the year, including Solstice & Equinox! Read more about each here: Solstice and EquinoxMay RacesSpring HuntQuirltober.

Help & Suggestions
Help Desk - This is where you can post asking for help, sharing issues, or need something addressed that has no other place.
Suggestions - This is where you can drop off suggestions for what you think could be beneficial to add to the breed! 
Tutorials - This area is where tutorials will be added over time to better explain things in the breed.

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