Newcomers Guide to Quirlicorns

Welcome to Quirlicorns!  If you’re reading this it’s probably a safe bet that you enjoy unicorns or fantasy horses since that’s what we’re all about.  
To anyone not familiar with ARPGs or Closed Species, looking through our information is likely a lot to take in.  Even members who are used to these types of breeds sometimes struggle with the amount of information there is to learn.  So, before you overwhelm yourself, know and accept that it’s going to take time before everything really sinks in and makes sense to you.  Know that we all traveled the same path in understanding this complex world.  But most of all, know that we’re here to help you understand things when they appear confusing to you.  

Below we have outlined the very basics of our breed, to hopefully give you a better understanding of what we are, what we do and offer, and if Quirlicorns is right for you.  

What is a
  • Quirlicorns is a HARPG (Horse Art Role Playing Game) breed of unicorn, generally recognizable by their swirled horns and long hairy tails.  
  • Quirlicorns is considered a closed species which means people are not free to create their own other than through official means.  All Quirlicorns must be created via importing or breeding.  

Quirlicorns are a fantasy unicorn based species. The group combines elements of written role play with artistic depictions of characters or events. Each character is unique and allows for customization in their own ways, as well as development of personality, past and relationships with other Quirlicorns. Between events and personal creations, there is plenty of opportunity to level your Quirl via Chimes (Leveling system based on literature or visual depictions), breed your Quirl, or add to their unique designs. ARPG is a term used to define artistic role play games, and that's exactly what you get from joining the Quirlicorn breed. There are plenty of ways to get started in the breed, so read on below to find out more!


What can I do with a Quirlicorn?


Quirlicorns has various events and activities that you can choose to participate in as you see fit.  Between ongoing events and scheduled ones, we’ll always have something to keep you busy and engaged.  Some of our popular ongoing events include:  

In addition to our ongoing events, we also have scheduled events.  Every Solstice and Equinox Quirlicorns may tap into unearned magic and transformations and have a bit of fun.  Other popular events we host include an Advent Calendar every December, An Easter Egg Hunt every Easter, and the May Races.  

Importing & Breeding

Importing and breeding are important to the breed, as these are the only ways to acquire an official Quirlicorn.  
Each Quirlicorn is given a geno which its appearance is based off of.  We make use of natural and fantasy genes to give a wide range of variety in how Quirlicorns are allowed to appear.  

There is a lot to learn about genos and how they work and we’ve found this is often the most overwhelming part of the breed for newcomers who don’t happen to already be savvy when it comes to horse genetics.  Not to fret, nobody expects you to know and understand genes right away, and we have a friendly community waiting to help you understand it all as long as you reach out and ask for help.  

Character Development

The more you use your Quirlicorn the more you can develop them.  
As an ARPG (Art Role Playing Game) we put the focus of character development on art of the character.
We accept all art mediums both visual and written, and encourage commissioning artists for art of your characters.    
In Quirlicorns we use a leveling system which grants Chime Points for any art of your character.  Through earning Chime points your Quirlicorn can level through the ranks, granting them magics, transformations, and even honorary titles.  

If Role Playing is more your cup of tea, we have forums which you can utilize, or you may RP in any other setting which you feel most comfortable while still earning Chime Points for your Quirlicorn.  

How Can I Get A Quirlicorn?

Quirlicorns can be obtained in a variety of ways, but for the sake of making things simple for newcomers, we suggest checking out our Stray Relocation Center to get your first one.  If none are currently available in the Stray Relocation Center, the next best place to get a Quirlicorn is in our Discord Server.  

Our members are generally very happy to help newcomers get their first Quirlicorn by offering breeding slots that can help you get the kind of Quirlicorn you want.  


There are of course other options to obtaining your first official Quirlicorn.  If you have an existing Horse Character that you’d like to convert to a Quirlicorn, or if you’d prefer to buy a Custom Import outright, check out our page on Importing

If you don’t have a horse character to convert, and you are unable to purchase a custom import, most of our events offer Custom Imports as prizes.  We allow participation either with one of our Group Horses, or with another members Quirlicorn (with their permission).  

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