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February 2021 Updates

General Group Updates

Current Events

Winter Solstice:

The Winter Solstice event is still happening.  Have fun with a snowball fight and earn a special magic from Haukea for adding her to your entry.  
Read more about this year’s Winter Solstice HERE

Joust Pas d’Armes:
February Joust Pas d’Armes is running as usual.  Please be sure to sign up on or before February 5th if you wish to participate in the Joust Pas d’Armes this month.  You can find the link for signing up HERE

Group Horse Updates

We’ve retired and downsized our active Group Horses significantly over the past 2 months.  
Going forward we intend to have a smaller number of Group Horses that will get fleshed out personalities and regional transformations and we’ll start incorporating them into the breeds lore, events, and stories.  
The goal is to put a bit more of a spotlight on the Group Horses so that when they retire they will already have a bit of a fan base. 

We intend to allow Group Horses to have access to their regional transformations even if that level of Chimes has not yet been unlocked.  We’re also considering unlocking some of their magics too.  Other ideas include giving them each a plot of land from our official map.  
No matter what we settle on for unlocks etc for these guys they will retain them once they retire.  

HOF Mishap

Many apologies for our mishap, we have decided to re-roll another HOF blessing for everyone who entered to make up for our mistake.  

When we closed out Hand Of Fate we had a few errors on our part that still need correcting.  This is just a quick heads up that we are aware and actively working to correct the problem.  If you already had your HOF rolled, don’t be worried if you find an additional blessing added on in the near future.  

Leaving Quirlicorns?

We’ve added an option to have your Quirlicorns IDs recycled if you opt to leave our breed, since we don’t offer deceasing of Quirlicorns. 
We fully respect that some people may not wish to remain in our breed, there are various reasons someone may choose to move on, and it’s important to us that people be allowed to keep their characters even when they do not want to keep them with us. 

Any Quirlicorns officially leaving our breed who have not been bred and have no breeding slots given out may have their IDs recycled.  We will remove them from our registry and our admin account as if they never existed. If it was a bred foal, those breeding slots will be returned to the parent owners.  This way members can easily move these characters to other breeds if they so wish. 

Because of the nature of recycling IDs we can only offer this with Quirlicorns who have not been bred, have no slots given to other members.  
So if you have characters that do not have IDs that can be recycled, but you still wish to take them with you from the breed, just know that they will still be listed as Quirlicorns in our registry etc, though they are still yours to do with as you see fit.  

February Incentive - Cupids Arrow

Valentine’s Day is near and Cupid has left his arrows near the Sacred Dew Tree. For the month of February 2021 Quirlicorns bred or imported will receive 3 of Cupids arrows. Each arrow adds an additional breeding slot to the Quirlicorn which may be used to breed the Quirlicorn to the Quirlicorn the arrow was used on. Cupids arrows may only be used on Group horses. Cupid’s arrows support equal opportunities and equal love, this means that these breedings may be between Mare x Mare or Stallion x Stallion without the use of a Heaven’s Wish Dew.

In order to use your arrows please post a thread titled “Cupids Arrow Use”  in our Cha ching! Cash In Select Bank Items forum and let us know which Group Horse you intend to breed your horse with so we can mark the slot(s) for you.

February Quirlicorn Of The Month

ID – Name

February 2021 will not see a Quirlicorn of the month while we focus more on picking them from community suggestions.  Please be sure to use our official QOTM Suggestion forum thread if you know of a Quirlicorn you feel would make a great QOTM 

Change Log


  • Updated example forms for Deity Quests to make it easier for members to find the correct form
  • Fixed issue in Help Desk forum which prevented members from seeing their own threads
  • Added an official QOTM Suggestion Thread in the Suggestions forum
  • Added an official Incentive Suggestion Thread in the Suggestions forum
  • Fixed Bank link in the Bank Inquiries forum


  • Group Horses Martine, Roseart, Pandemic, Fools Gold, Legacy, Junkfeed, Hysteric Bullet, Forgotten City, Aegis Shield, Monster, Meridian, Baja Blast, Quick Draw, Jiaolong, Rogue and Binary Star have officially retired. 
  • Updated Mystic drop rate during breedings from 1/50 to 1/100 to better reflect the intended drop rate
  • Double Bloom Dew and Sacrificial lamb updated to reflect changes that Double Bloom and Sacrificial Lamb can’t be used in a breeding at the same time (Sacrificial lamb can be applied to one of the foals after it is rolled however)


  • Updated Chime page to reflect the use of our forums rather than the old group on DA
  • Share buttons added to the top of the Updates Page 
  • Design examples added for everything aside from Mutations and minor things like Double Horn
  • Mystics Page updated, changed “special magics” reward to “lost magics” and added Lesser Deity Status and another full regional magic unlock at 1K Chimes 
  • Updated Chimes page to include the 25 Chime cap per piece
  • Updated wording for Magic Eater and Life Eater magics 
  • Removed “select Quirlicorns Region” from 20 Chime point level as it’s no longer relevant with our new registration process
  • Gender added behind Group Horses to make it easier to pick breeding stock without having to click on each one
  • General facelift given to the Chimes page to help it be less overwhelming
  • Added a section about Chime Trackers on the Chime page
  • Deity Quest item section updated to better explain what the different types of items are for
  • Group Horse page updated to include information on how to apply for a retired Group Horse

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