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January 2021 Updates

General Group Updates

Current Events

Winter Solstice:

The Winter Solstice event is still happening.  Have fun with a snowball fight and earn a special magic from Haukea for adding her to your entry.  
Read more about this year’s Winter Solstice HERE

Joust Pas d’Armes:
January Joust Pas d’Armes is running as usual.  Please be sure to sign up on or before January 5th if you wish to participate in the Joust Pas d’Armes this month.  You can find the link for signing up HERE

Regional Genos

Happy new year everyone!  We’re starting the new year off with some new and fun additions to the breed.  
Quirlicorns will now earn a recessive regional geno at 700 Chimes, and then again at 1000 Chimes.  

Regional genes are how we’ll allow breeding for magic within the breed.  High magic Quirlicorns will now be eligible to have magic genes (which correspond with the regions much of their magic is from) added to their official geno.  When these Quirlicorns are bred, the magic genes will be rolled like any other genes, and as such will be eligible to be passed down to the foals. 
Foals who earn a regional gene from breeding will be allowed to pick one free magic from the region the gene represents.  Recessive genes will give access to the lesser magics of that region, while a dominant gene will give access to all magics from that region.  

If you own a Quirlicorn that has been confirmed at 700 or 1000 Chimes you can request your regional gene be added to your Quirlicorn.  
If you own a direct offspring of a Quirlicorn who is confirmed at 700 or 1000 Chimes, you can request to have regional genes rolled for them once their parent has their regional gene(s) added.  (We are restricting this to foals sired or birthed by those who unlocked the regional gene via chimes only.  3rd, 4th, etc generation foals will not be eligible to have these genes manually added)  

If you are asking to apply a regional geno because your foals parent unlocked it via Chimes, we will roll the regional genes like we would in a breeding.  This means if the parent has a dominant gene, a recessive version will automatically pass to the foal.  If the parent has a recessive gene, there is a 50% chance that it will not pass.  If there are more than one regional genes, we will repeat this process for each one.  Please remember not to send in for us to roll your foals regional genes until the parent has them officially added to their logs first.  

Foals who get a regional gene from their parent (not via Chime unlock) will have the option of choosing a free magic from the region the geno is from.  
Recessive genes will grant one free lesser magic of that region, while dominant genes will grant one free lesser OR greater magic from that region.  
Phoenix Touch will not allow for regional genes to change, meaning regional gene magic unlocks can not be changed to another regions magic either.  

If you have a Quirlicorn that qualifies for a regional geno, or a regional geno roll please visit the Official Log Update Requests forum and use the following format to claim your gene(s)/gene rolls

Quirlicorns Log: Link

If you are rolling unlocked genes for a foal, please use this form:

Quirlicorns Log: Link
Sire and/or Dam with regional gene(s) Log(s): Link / Link

Lost Magics & Artifacts

We’re definitely starting 2021 off with lots of magic.  During the Advent many of you got your first taste of Lost Magics.  Now you can add the ones you want to your Quirlicorns without having to wait for a special event where they are a reward. 
We’ve developed a system that allows you to craft artifacts which then will give your Quirlicorn access to the lost magic of the artifact.  

If magic is your jam, do be sure to read more on how to craft artifacts and give your Quirlicorns Lost Magics HERE

January Incentive - Regional Rift

Ring in the new year with a Regional Rift!  This months magic is affecting Quirlicorns regions.  Quirlicorns with all regions unlocked are unaffected by this months incentive, however those who would otherwise be confined to a single region, are being born with all regions unlocked.  

December Quirlicorn Of The Month

374 – Fluffy

Fluffy is one of our Group Horses that many love.  A name that doesn’t fit his looks, and it’s not a good match for his personality either.  Regardless, Fluffy has earned a place as Quirlicorn of the month for January 2021. 

Change Log


  • Updated breeding submission example to ask for log links instead of registration links
  • Updated Log Update Forum to include a disclaimer about marking slots as unusable
  • Forum font size updated to be a bit larger
  • Added a Tutorial forum in Resources
  • Updated Nexus Submission form to be more clear/less confusing
  • Added a Help Desk forum
  • Rearranged Resources forum to prioritize important forums first
  • Deity Corner merged to World Building
  • Regional Deity forums converted to be basic regional forums, with emphasis on both Greater and Lesser Deities
  • Dark theme added to forums
  • Artifact Central forum added


  • Group Horses Orion, Mac n Cheese, Sheriff, Wind and Fire, Blood Sweat and Tears, Atlas, Baxter, Badger, Psychomyth, Faith, Sae, Lullaby, Mirage, Galactic Heartache, Ladyknight, Snow Dancer, Riot, Last Virgin, Crow, and Area 51 officially retired
  • Added Group Horses Daze, Aria, Kestrel, Yesenia, and Udelia added 
  • Shifted Mutation added to the breed
  • Greater and Cursed Dews of choice updated in bank to Any Dew of Choice
  • Updated breeding template changing “Pheno” to “Color” to help cut down on unnecessary confusion
  • Added a Sacrificial Lamb item
  • Fates Chance prizes updated to reflect retirement of Group horses and addition of Sacrificial Lamb
  • Booty Box Roller updated to include Sacrificial Lamb
  • Updated Sapplings Charm Dew to be eligible to be applied even after breeding
  • Global Warming Curse updated to Climate Change
  • Updated 700 Chime reward for Mystics to include Demi-God Status and unlocking Astral Region
  • Quest items consolidated into just total number in bank


  • Added Region Maps to Deity Quest page
  • Fixed various typos
  • Updated/added more FAQs
  • Added Mystics to the RNG traits on the breeding page
  • Updated name of Dew, Booty Box, and Token page to “Items” 
  • Renamed Importing page to “Shop” and moved it to its own tab in the navigation
  • Added a Where/How section to the Shop page
  • Group Horse page moved from Resources to Lore tab
  • Added Solstice/Equinox Page
  • Updated front page to ensure important information wasn’t hidden, also gave the overall look an uplift to be more visually appealing
  • Added share links to the home page
  • SEO added to website
  • Quirlicorn of the month link removed from navigation and placed as a button on the home page instead
  • Chime page moved from Lore to Resources section
  • Land Quest renamed to Deity Quest to stay consistent with wording elsewhere in the breed
  • Lost Magics & Artifacts Page added

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