Summer Solstice 2021

The days have been becoming increasingly longer in the northern hemisphere, as we prepare for the summer solstice to arrive.  Things have been relatively calm in the Quirliverse and not much has happened out of the norm since the Spring Equinox.  

Anevay, who reigns over the summer solstice, has decided it’s time to shake things up a bit.  With Warpaint in tow she traveled to the perfect location for this year’s celebrations.  A small piece of land in the northern Desert region called Phaedra.  


“Are you sure it was me you wanted to bring here?”  “I don’t think I have the pazzaz you might be looking for with your solstice events.” Warpaint paused.  “And isn’t this Asrune’s land?”  “Are we even allowed to be here?”  Warpaint looked around his surroundings nervously.  

“Not to worry little one, you’re just right for what I have planned this year, and as one of my loyal worshippers Asrune will be delighted that we chose his land to hold the solstice shenani.. The solstice celebrations.”  Anevay gave Warpaint a reassuring nudge, pushing him further inland towards the jungle that was just head.  Warpaint started to turn his head to look at Anevay.  “Head forward whipper-snapper!”  “Just go with the flow.”  Anevay retorted while moving the stallion forward.  Warpaint decided it was probably easier to just accept his fate than to try to argue with Anevay.  Who knows what she might do to him if he doesn’t just let this go.  

The surroundings started to thicken as the ocean breeze started to disappear and the humidity was turned up a notch.  All around them were luscious plants as far as the eye could see.  Vines draped over branches, wrapped around trunks.  Flowers that were as big as your head.  And the unique calls of the critters living within this jungle sounded almost as if they were communicating with each other. 
Phaedra was quite fruitful to the north, while it’s southern mass was far less fortunate.  “The Gods were not the kindest while handing out blessings and curses for this land.”  Anevay remarked.  “Phaedra got lucky that the north got all the blessings.”  “The south isn’t nearly this nice.”  “There’s famine and other problems down there.”  Anevay frolicked happily ahead of Warpaint, briefly turning towards him as she passed on by “Up here it’s perfect though.”  “Just right for what I have planned!”  There was a glimmer in Anevay’s eyes.  It was clear that she was very excited for this year’s celebrations.  Perhaps it was simply because the summer solstice is her time to shine, but Warpaint decided to believe that she was actually looking forward to this year’s plans, whatever they may be.  

They continued walking deeper into the jungle until a deep voice rang through the air. “Take another step and it will be your last!”  Warpaint immediately froze up.  Anevay on the other hand continued walking forward openly challenging the unknown stallion up ahead.  “If you think you can touch me, come at me kid!”  Anevay’s whole demeanor screamed that she was ready for combat.  Her flaming locks felt like they grew at least 3ft in size and the grin she wore paired with the glint in her eyes were clear indicators that she meant business.  

A wise Quirlicorn would have backed off, but Belenus was more of a fight first, ask questions later kind of guy.  He went charging straight for Anevay, ignorant to who she was.  Nostrils flared, chest puffed up, Belenus let out a warcry.  
Warpaint sighed. “This isn’t going to end well for that fool.”  

Anevay closed her eyes for a moment, seemingly in deep concentration.  Around her, lava started bubbling out of the ground, forming blobs that were getting increasingly larger.  The smoldering blobs started taking on more proper forms.  They looked like small equines made of lava, but they were only about half the size of an average Quirlicorn.  Within seconds it was clear that these lava horses had a life of their own and that Anevay was in full control over everything they would do.  Golems.  Lava golems to be exact.  She’d summoned lava golems.

Belenus noticed mid charge what was happening and skidded to a halt, praying that he’d make it out of this alive.  The force with which he had charged the oversized mare left him sliding several feet before coming to a stop.  Now he knew who he was up against, and Asrune would have his head if he hurt Anevay in any way.  Regret was clear to be seen on his face as he hung his head in shame and defeat.  

“Aww, and here I thought I’d get to have a good old fashioned battle with someone!”  Anevay said disappointedly.  The lava golems immediately turned back into blobs and then quickly retreated back into the ground.  “It’s been a while since I’ve pulled out golems, it’s almost a shame they had such a short life.”  “Are you sure you don’t want to challenge me?” “I can bring the golems back again.”  Anevay perked up just thinking about getting to battle for real.    

Off to everyone’s right a chuckle could be heard.  “Ha, ha, ha, Bel are you sure you don’t want to battle her?”  Asrune stepped out from behind some bushes.  

“Hey, stop calling me Bel!”  Belenus pouted dejectedly.  
Warpaint suppressed a giggle and Anevay winked back at him.  

“You finally made it, I thought you would have been here sooner.” Asrune addressed Anevay.  
“Well, you know me, I can’t pass up an opportunity to battle.”  Anevay smiled at Asrune and bumped Belenus with her rump.  “Hey, don’t knock me over!”  Bel cried. 
“Don’t worry buddy, Warpaint here is good at making sure nobody gets hurt, you’re pretty safe with us.”  Anevay replied.

Warpaint paused before speaking.  The gears in his head had been turning as he came to the realization of why Anevay brought him along.  “You are going to do something dangerous for this solstice aren’t you?”  The concern was heavy in Warpaint’s voice but he already knew his question was rhetorical. 

Anevay looked him in the eyes and smiled.  “It’s going to be fun!”  
“Look, I see the ruins up ahead.” Anevay quickly changed the subject.  “Asrune, thank you for letting us use your land.”  “This really is the perfect spot.”  Anevay beamed, looking at her surroundings.  

“Well, I figured you wouldn’t damage things too badly out here, and there’s plenty of space for anyone who wants to come visit.”  Asrune spoke to Anevay like they were on the same level.  Perhaps a perk of being a Mystic and having a close relationship with one of the deities.  That familiarity put Warpaint at ease while poor Belenus was made to feel even smaller by it.  Everyone knew he wouldn’t learn this lesson from a single encounter, but maybe he’ll think twice about charging into battle like that next time.  

“Can we get some signs out here to help people find the ruins?”  “Or maybe we should get Bel to politely guide them to them!”  Anevay chuckled. 
“I think we can get some signs up, we don’t want Bel scaring anyone off” Asrune replied.  Belenus huffed and then mumbled to himself “They aren’t going to let that go, are they?”
“I don’t think you’ll be that lucky buddy.” Warpaint chimed in.  Belenus startled, jumping up a few inches off the ground.  “Trying to give me a heart attack isn’t really in line with keeping me safe, now is it?”  he retorted grumpily.  

“Hey, guys!”  “Get over here and listen to what Anevay has planned for the solstice this year.”  Asrune shouted.  
Bel and Warpaint hurried over to Anevay and Asrune and listened intently.  

“So, your plan is chaos?”  Asrune asked Anevay.
“Exactly!” She exclaimed.  “I’m going to use my magic to create chaos here in the jungle.”  

Warpaint blinked, then gulped.  “Ahh, hell I knew this wasn’t going to end well for me.”
“My dude, you get to keep everyone safe so you won’t be affected by the chaos.”  Anevay halfheartedly tried to assure Warpaint. 
“You do realize that even if I’m not directly affected by your magic, creating chaos for me, I’ll have to deal with the very real chaos of the whole situation, right?”  Warpaint replied in a concerned but also somewhat annoyed tone.  
“Don’t worry, it will be fun.”  Anevay smiled at him.  “I’ll keep you safe.”  

Anevay backed up a bit to give herself space before becoming animated, moving around using her whole body to portray action as well as her excitement.  She grinned from ear to ear, lifting a hoof and ‘poofed’ it into a hand with fingers.  “We’re going to have golems that work for all elements.” she put a finger down.  “And we’ll have the animals of the jungle add to the madness.” she put another finger down, while casually nodding. “Oooh, we can also have the rivers change to fire at random.” Her booty shook with excitement as another finger went down “And the plants should be alive, yes definitely that!” another finger went down.  “I’m sure we can think of a bunch of other things to do as well”.  The last finger went down and she poofed the hand back into a hoof before setting it back on the ground.  


Asrune smiled to see his friend so happy, while Warpaint and Belenus sighed, resigning themselves to the madness.  

All Entries that include Anevay or Warpaint will also receive Anevay’s Gift “Chaos Golem”.

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