Winter Solstice 2021

Things finally seemed to have calmed a bit in the Quirliverse. What with Anevay’s chaos over the Summer Solstice, followed by Aberfa’s crazy Zombie Apocalypse dream, and then there was the issue with magic being unpredictable at best and at its worst unreliable. Thankfully the new Regional Sacred Dew Trees seem to have brought with them a sense of peace. Haukea was ready to embrace the calm after the storm and just enjoy the Winter Solstice and what better way to do just that than with friends!
Haukea set out to recruit her newest follower, King. A mare who seems a bit rough around the edges and could probably use a little humbling. An uneventful half days travel away and the Ice Deity found herself on King’s doorstep.
“King, are you home?” She asked with her voice raised more than she’s usually comfortable with.
There was only silence. Haukea was unsure if she’d perhaps misread King’s location, certainly nobody would be so rude as to not answer a guest. She paused a moment before embracing what she knows to be true.
“King, I sincerely hope you are not purposely ignoring me.” Haukea braced herself before continuing. “I know you are here, it would be in your best interest to just come on out in the open and talk to me.” The Ice Deity really disliked having to make threats. How rude of this mare to ignore her like this. Doesn’t she know that Haukea doesn’t make unnecessary house visits!?

“Come back another day, I have other things I want to do right now.” King finally replied.
Wrinkles were growing on Haukea’s forehead, her frustrations clearly visible on her face.
“I only signed up to be under you because I thought you’d never want to bother asking me for anything. Certainly you must have other followers who are more interested in making you happy.” “Maybe go talk to one of them instead.”
King probably didn’t realize that she was flirting with danger, clearly even Deities were beneath her
Within moments the sky turned dark and winds were howling. Hail like daggers started pelting the area, Kings house more specifically. King might have been able to ignore what was happening, but every few seconds a piece of hail would pierce her roof. She could clearly see the sharpened pieces of ice lodged in her roof. The cost to repair this would be expensive for sure. The egotistical mare frowned.

“Okay, okay, you made your point.” “I’ll come out and talk to you, so please put those daggers away.”
And just like that the sky cleared and gave way to beautiful sun rays.
“Thank you.” Haukea smiled, watching the door open and King step outside.
King took a moment to look around, taking in the damage to the area.
“It looks like you only attacked my mansion. Everything else is completely untouched.” “I wouldn’t expect any less skill from a Deity, well done.” King stepped into Haukea’s space reaching her head towards the Deities before continuing. “You’ll be paying for the damages, yes?”
Poor Haukea was not prepared for this kind of personality. It was clear to her that they would clash on every level moving forward. She sighed before rolling her eyes

The large Deity took a moment to recompose herself before responding.
“Since you mentioned skill, I have a task for you… And there will be no turning me down!” Haukea used a tone so firm, she almost sounded more like Jagmeet than herself. No ordinary Quirlicorn would bring this side of her out and she was unsure if King might not be better off under the tutelage of another Deity.
“Or would you rather work under another Deity?”  “…Anevay might be a good fit for your troublesome personality.” Haukea mumbled that last part to herself out of frustration.
“I guess I’ll hear you out on this task first before making a decision.” “I will say though, I picked you for a reason and I do not feel the other Deities would make a better fit for me. King reflected inwardly for a moment “Okay, let’s just get this over with, what can I do for you?” King sighed. 

One side of Haukea’s mouth rose, exposing a bit more of her impressive tusk. It had been years since she’d been this fired up inside and in a strange way she was enjoying the relationship being built.
“This Solstice should be about having fun now that things are a bit more normal around here again.”
“However, I think it would be in everyone’s best interest to practice two things:  A new magic which they intend to unlock down the road, and a new skill not related to magic.”
Haukea’s eyes shone bright as she leaned into King’s space, getting in her face, still grinning.
“You’re going to help get the message out to the other Quirlicorns.” Haukea backed off of King and turned to walk away.

“Oh, and by the way, I also expect you to help the others in practicing their new magics or skills.” The Icy Deity paused to look over her shoulder back at the flashy mare who had been so rude to her. “I’ll have your head if you let me down!”
Haukea turned back around and started walking away, between hoof steps, she heard King audibly gulp.

“I can’t remember a time I felt this energized or fired up, I must have spent too much time next to Anevay when we discussed the dark objects.” “Or maybe, this mare just brings this out in me?” Haukea said to herself, she’d been too far away for King to have heard her anyway. Either way, the Deity was looking forward to the Solstice and all the new Skills everyone would learn.

All Entries that include Haukea will also receive Haukea’s Gift “Skill Proficiency”.

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