Quirlicorn May Races

Every May Quirlicorns hold a race event.  The May races is an event where you are given 4 prompts over the course of the month.  The first prompt is always a fullbody side view image of your chosen Quirlicorn racing.  These images are compiled and added on a track to ‘race’ against other participants.  
Each week a new prompt is given and members who complete their piece before the next week will get to see their Quirlicorn advance on the track.  
For each prompt prizes are awarded to each participant no matter if they meet the weekly deadline or not.  Bonus prizes are given for including another persons Quirlicorn in prompts for weeks 2, 3, and 4.  
Overall this is a great event, with fun prompts and great prizes, that can help you level up one of your Quirlicorns quickly in just a month.  

Ready to get started?  Cool!

This month’s theme is Off To The Races!  That’s right, this month we’re going to get your Quirlicorns on a racing track and let them battle it out! 
Oh snap, That sounds like fun! That’s because it totally is and all the cool kids will do this, maybe even some of the not so cool kids!

Okay, let’s cover some quick basics.  
This event will require you to draw your Quirlicorn (or one of our Group Horses if you don’t have a Quirlicorn of your own already, or you may lease one from a friend).  
This event will have weekly check points, which means you can participate in each check point, or only the first in order to qualify for rewards, though the more check points you participate in, the more Spirals and other prizes you earn.  

But since we’re a fun breed, and love giving things to our members, this event will not only earn you Sacred Spirals  by default of entering,  we’ll be giving out prizes to all of the racers at the end of the event as well.  
Prizes will be RNG’ed and will range from customs, to dews, or additional Spirals or Chimes or Novas.
Additionally, each weekly task will earn you random prizes as well. These additional prizes will be announced along with the theme for that week. 

  • Each Week you’ll be given a new prompt to draw your Quirlicorn in order to move forward on the race track.  You’ll compete by entering the events, though how far you go is entirely up to you, and you’ll have all month to finish your entries beyond the first week’s entry. 
  • +20 Sacred Spirals are earned for each segment of the race that is entered.  

:star: Complete all 4 weeks on time for a special gift from Jagmeet :star:



Week 1:

Welcome to this years races.  
Week 1 is where you’ll create the track image for your racer.  
You’re welcome to wrap your racers tail, braid hair etc.  Any other race accessories are also welcome. 

(#699 – ASS Hentai below is sporting a pair of googles to keep dirt out of his eyes, as well as a wrapped tail.) 

Race Progress
Ready, Set, Go! 25%

Week 1 Track Update Deadline:  May 8th

Week 2 Prompt: The Floor Is Lava

A nearby volcano has erupted and lava is flowing everywhere.  Can you run fast enough to avoid it or will you require a magical assist.  For this stretch of the races your Quirlicorns should try to avoid being swallowed whole by the oncoming lava.  Have a friend join you in a sprint for your lives to double your prizes!

Race Progress
Half way there! 50%

Week 2 Track Update Deadline:  May 15th

Week 3 Prompt: Tornado Alley

Whew, now that the floor is no longer lava everyone can take a small breather.  Don’t take too long though, there are tornados on the horizon.  Can your Quirlicorns outrun them or will they find other creative ways to deal with the oncoming disaster?  Have a friend hold your hoof as you get blown away to double your prizes!

Race Progress
Almost done! 75%

Week 3 Track Update Deadline:  May 22nd

Week 4 Prompt: Dino Adventure

Large earthquakes rock the Quirliverse leaving rifts in their wake.  It appears that dinosaurs have been slumbering under the earth for quite some time and are now coming out to play.  Befriend the freshly awakened Dinosaurs and be rewarded with a Dinosaur of your own.  Include a friend to befriend them for two Dino friends of your own! 

Race Progress
YAY! You've finished the race! 100%

Week 3 Track Update Deadline:  May 30th

Important Tidbits

This Years Racers

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